The best aids to mindfulness will actually surprise you!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Many studies show that the choice you make when you're not practicing mindfulness actually influence your ability to relax and focus

You know the feeling: some days you actually slip in a meditative state almost effortlessly. Not all days are created equal, though. Some days it can be quite hard to focus and to find that inner peace that is required to even approach a mindfulness session.

Today I will give you a couple of tricks to turn even a "bad focus day" into a good one.

Let's say you have a mindfulness practice of one hour a day. Studies now show that what you do in the remaining twenty three hours of your day is actually gonna help (or hinder) your capacity to even enter into the session and enjoy the benefits of it.

We humans are extremely complex systems and expecting to be able to just sit down and relax after a stressful day it's simply too much to ask some days.

Here the simple trick that will turn your bad mindfulness day into a good one:

A simple short word: Sweat

That's right! Good, old, physical exercise.

If you are still thinking the practitioner of mindfulness should be a quiet individual sitting in zazen, you might be right some times but not all times.

It's now proven that regular physical activity (especially resistance training) can enhance your capacity to focus and relax when you need it.

I suggest to choose an activity you enjoy and keep your sweat running: it can be running, swimming or watching Jane's Fonda Videotape, your choice!

My personal choice is to workout in my local gym, I follow the Nike training app quite religiously.

Are you ready for the second short but effective word? Here it goes


As a final tip I am going to remind you that eat well, sleep well, train well are the foundation of a healthy human being. And to do that, remember to make sure your diet is properly balanced, that also affects the neurological functions of our amazing brains.

That being said, let me know if you experiment with exercise and nutrition before or after your mindfulness practice, I am curious to know your feedback. Cheers!