Five simple mindfulness exercises you can practice at your desk

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

You don't need to be sitting in an empty, silent temple to be mindful; you can do it right here, right now

Here are five simple mindfulness exercises you can practice while at your desk, between meetings or whenever you feel you need to refocus.

Take three deep breaths

This one is really easy and minimalist: breath in filling your whole body, starting from your belly till your upper chest. Hold for a moment and very slowly release. Repeat three times.

This quick method has been proven to lower the stress level instantly.

If you want to take it a step further, take the chance and squeeze your shoulder upward when inhaling and then release your shoulders down when exhaling.

Boom, you got a shoulder stretch for free.

Engage your core

Most of us spend most of our days sitting down and -it's true- most office chairs are soft and comfy.

However sometimes we tend to assume the wrong posture, putting too much pressure on the lower back. For this exercise sit in an upright posture, start from making sure your lower back is touching the chair, plant your feet on the ground, keep your chest up and push it out a little. Extend your spine through the top of your head, engage your core and keep this position for few minutes.

Feel the keyboard

The keyboard is something we use so much we take it for granted but actually it can be used as a gateway to our sensory experience here.

Stop typing for a minute and slowly touch the keys, feel their texture.

Then press a single key and notice the sensations on your fingers.

Look out of the window

For few moments you can simply look out from the window and observe. Mindfulness is the conscious process of bringing our attention to the present moment willingly. Observing a small urban park, the traffic or the rain outside of the window can be a great exercise, it can make us realize that life is a flow and sometimes we don't have to do anything, things just happen.

Take a sip

Grab your water bottle or your favorite drink and slowly (and I mean very slowly) take a sip.

Notice the taste, the temperature of the drink you chose and the other sensations in your body.

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