My journey - Starting the fire

Once I came from my trip in Thailand, which lasted around three months, I kept reading Osho's books.

Around one year later I decided that I wanted to try the meditation techniques invented by Osho: mainly Osho Dynamic meditation and Osho Kundalini meditation, you can click on the links to find out in detail what those techniques are.

In short: the Osho active meditations are meditation techniques which unites the use of breath, movement, emotional expression and awareness. These elements are used in different stages of each meditation technique with one final goal: to help the meditator to be able to sit still easily in the later stages of the meditation.

Therefore if you ever try an Osho active meditation be ready to dance, jump, shout, breath and sit still. They really wake up the energy of the person before using that energy to go deeper into the stillness.

One of the most common complain I hear from people who try meditation is that they can't sit still and that their mind keep running and running and that disturbs their effort.

Well, that's exactly the points Osho active medtations made easier in my personal experience.

I tried the meditations first while living in Barcelona: a facilitator was organizing Osho dynamic meditation early in the morning in a yoga studio in the Gracia neighborhood.

I can't forget those early mornings sessions: we were a small group and I was feeling a little shy initially to let go and express my emotions. But I caught on very quickly and enjoyed this very intense method. And after the session I was feeling brand new, so refreshed, and I would go to the office with a complete different energy, clarity of mind and much more relaxed.

While in Barcelona I also tried another type of group meditation, this one is not a method developed directly by Osho himself, it was developed by one of his disciples. It's called AUM meditation and it's a social process. You can find all the details of what it is in the link and no, it does not have anything to do with sitting and chanting the "aum" sound or mantra :)

The experience of AUM meditation really blew my mind. It was a whirlwind of emotions difficult to put to words. I would say it's a great process which includes catharsis, physical activity, physical touch, connection with others, meditation, grounding... it's like entering a washing machine!

At the end of that meditation we were sitting on the floor and having some tea. One of the co-organizer was a friend of mine who just came back from a trip in India. She told me that in the Osho international resort they organize the AUM meditation each week.


I asked.

- Yes

she replied.

- That's it, I am going there.

At this point i was already considering leaving Barcelona, leaving my job as Software developer and take a three-months break to travel in India. So that day I added one stop in the map: Pune, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where the Osho international resorts sits.