Navigate times of change with a simple technique - Just 5 minutes

During these uncertain times I want to share with you a specific exercise to ease the pain of change

I chose the picture above because of the association with the concept of "openness". Sometimes we can find ourselves living with a certain attitude of "closeness" in the relationship with life itself.

The human being is very accustomed to routines and seeks "normality" as a shelter from fear, uncertainty and -most generically- suffering.

However in some cases creating a comfortable and intimate routine can also reveal its other side: while leaving outside the discomfort of things and people we don't like, we also exclude challenges and the interaction with new things that could allow ourselves to grow and expand even further.

After realizing this we might be able to release the tight reins of the routine, open up a little bit and let stimulus, people to enter in our lives and possibly enjoy it.

Once the new stimulus has been integrated in our routine and life, in our way of thinking, we are ready to make it ours and feel it's part of ourselves.

That's the new "normal" I was referring to in the title and here's the exercise or reminder I'd like to share with you today.

Welcome the new "normal" in 5 minutes

Here's how to do it

  • Find a comfortable spot in your house or office

  • Turn off or mute all possible source of disturbance or noise (phone, tablet, laptop, TV)

  • Sit in a comfortable position, possibly upright, don't slouch; however if you want to do this exercise laying down, you can do that

  • Close your eyes

  • Take three slow and deep full breaths

  • Visualize your life as it is right now: imagine going through your day from morning to nighttime, meeting the important people in your life, going about your business, working, doing some exercise, whatever your day is composed of. Focus especially on the key, important activities and people who you care about: this is your current "normal"

  • Once you have spent few minutes doing that and appreciating the value of what you have right now, you can repeat the phrase "I welcome what's new and good in my life" or just "I am welcoming positive change in my life". You can customize this phrase as you wish, just make sure it triggers in you a positive and warm feeling of being welcoming to external change. We're looking for a small push, not a hurricane, mind you!

When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes again.

Try to feel you are welcoming the stimulus that will come into your life and integrating that as well. Getting in contact with new things is great, having those merge and melt in your day to day in an harmonious way it's even of greater importance.

I hope you enjoyed this simple exercise and I wish you a good rest of the day.